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Then and Now

Saturday morning found us assembling once again at Biemesderfer Hall to record the songs we've spent so much time learning and singing. There was a vague sense of familiarity as we made our way backstage to the Green Room. This room equipped with tea, couches, and food became our haven of rest in a taxing day. Now, a day of recording could be tiring, dull, and boring, but we found that it also has potential for so much more. Recording a new album is no small feat, yet moments of fun and laughter made it bearable and memorable.

Behind the scenes of our day:

-During warm-ups, Apples and Bananas morphed into Ohpples and Banohnohs, Eepples and Baneenees, and Oopples and Banoonoos. And, no, we were not eating a new kind of fruit of salad.

-The roof was so inspired by the music coming from within that it added its own percussion interspersed with an occasional POP. The lawnmower outside also tried to hum its own tune. These accompaniments were not welcome and required several additional retakes of songs.

-By an By could not be recorded until it was determined what exactly it meant to sing this piece with "...irrepressible high spirits, joyfully overflowing the bounds of key and time signatures."

-On lunch break, the ladies of Laudate had the opportunity to debut their song Long Time Traveller in the making of an impromptu music video.

-Prior to take 3 of Baba Yetu, the lights were dimmed and we were informed that "This is Africa and there are wolves." What the CD will not tell you is that our favorite rendition of Baba Yetu was sung in the dark.

Finally after "flying away" multiple times during our last song, we eventually landed and it was announced that our day of recording was completed. With sighs of relief we gathered our belongings, put on our shoes, and headed to Cliff and Trina's backyard for one last lovely evening together.

There is more that could be said about the day, but as our beloved director Ken has kindly reminded us time and time again, "That was then. This is now."

Written by Dorcas and Valonna

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