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The Weekend- Day 12

Recording Day

It was a beautiful Saturday morning that found us making our way into the city of Lancaster to start our day of recording. A handful of ensemble members found themselves at a lovely cafe to grab breakfast and some liquid energy (coffee or tea) before starting our day.

The Trust, where we would be recording, was right around the corner from the cafe and so after finishing up there it was just a short walk to our destination. After having been there for our concert the night before many of us were pretty excited to record in such a beautiful venue. One ensemble member was overheard saying "This place is like a portal from Lancaster, PA to somewhere in England."

After a bit of difficulty finding parking the rest of the ensemble arrived and we got started with warming up our voices for the hours of recording ahead. We took some time to do a sound check and get a good standing arrangement for the recording and once that was figured out we had a word of prayer and went right into recording.

Before we knew it, we had finished a handful of songs and lunch was ready. Laura Lehman, wife to ensemble member Jordan, and her mother had prepared a lovely spread for lunch. It was a delicious lunch of fresh veggie and bacon pita pockets along with some fruit and some little donuts to finish. Once we had finished lunch and rested a bit it was back to recording.

The rest of the afternoon we went from the high notes of "If I Can Help Somebody" to the low notes of "Spaséñiye, sodélal" and from the exciting energy of "Ride On, King Jesus" to the peaceful reassurance of "I Shall See". We had some time toward the end of recording to fix some songs that needed fixin' and for one song the altos were asked very kindly to "put a bit of thine alto behind thee".

Finding the balance of singing until it's right vs. singing 'til your heart's discontent (as one ensemble member put it) cannot be an easy task but under the guidance of Benjamin Good there was a confident cheer when we were told "that's a wrap".

After wrapping up the recording we gathered our belongings and headed out. Most of us found our way to Cliff and Trina's house to relax in the backyard until the pizza arrived. Along with the pizza we had delicious wings made by Trina and it was followed up with delicious cake and ice cream.

The rest of the evening was full of fun debates and conversations, recording a fun little birthday song for Sharon, wife of ensemble member Willard, and some recreation. A few went home to rest while the rest either went disc golfing or mini golfing and then taking a whack at some golf balls at a driving range.

All around I believe we would all agree that it was a successful day. At the end of a long day there were more lovely memories to add to our Laudate experience and I for one felt blessed and my heart full. Heading home to get some rest for the next day I had to thank God...even for the exhaustion I was feeling.

- Dorcas Nissley

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