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On the road- Day 10

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

The last day of our tour dawned with the promise of an easier day of travel to our concert in Chambersburg PA.

We met at the church (Light of Truth Mennonite - Wilmot, OH) and once again recited our choir numbers to ensure that everyone was on board. On the road we again had time to share stories/comments from the evening before.

The morning breezed by with numerous activities going on. For lunch we enjoyed a variety of higher end sit down restaurants. The group from one restaurant was running a bit late and there happened to be a race to the bus because they knew that the minion glasses were awaiting them!

Jesse ended up being last but someone else did give the disclaimer that he was helping someone out. He did make a pretty good minion tho!:)

The afternoon included some rest and quietness in the bus.

Our bus driver skillfully navigated through a heavy rainstorm and once again got us to our destination in good time.

St Paul's United Methodist Church welcomed us with a lovely space to sing in and a beautiful building.

We had just a bit of time to do some warm ups and run over some logistics before a wonderful supper. We again went through the ritual of changing into concert attire and meeting for quietness and prayer before the program.

For several of the ensemble members there were family members and friends that showed up that they were not expecting.

Thank you to all who show support in that way.

After the program we had approximately forty five minutes to talk with friends/family, change and then be back on bus for our drive back to Pequea Church. On the bus the after concert adrenaline was running high and we shared stories and laughs from the evening.

The highlight for one of the ensemble members was watching Karl and Jordan as they were singing their duet on "Down in the River." Karl happened to look expressively out into space just as Jordan was going to make eye contact with him!

The bus soon quieted down as people either went to sleep or watched the Livestream from that evening, or played games of disc golf. We arrived at Pequea around 11 PM and unloaded our stuff from the bus and headed to our hosts places for a much needed night of rest and the wonderful thought that we could sleep as late as we wanted.

We enjoyed a good tour with many good memories and many responsive audiences. Thank you to all who worshipped with us either live or virtually!

Ben & Janette Weaver

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