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Rehearsal- Day 2

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Day 2 of rehearsal was a smashing success!

We ran the whole rep in concert order and worked on problem spots along the way, as is to be expected in rehearsal.

For lunch we were treated to amazing Indian chicken curry, rice, naan bread, salad, cookies and fresh cherries, compliments of Kristen Weaver.

The afternoon breezed by, along with a short thundershower, which cooled the air pleasantly. We were afraid it might derail our photo-taking plans, but it did not do so. We actually ended rehearsal earlier than scheduled, so we changed into our concert attire and drove to Cliff and Trina's where Trina wrangled all us into various postures and poses for what she claimed were good photos. I suppose we'll take her word on that for now. :)

And then, being the wonder-woman that she is, she fed us all amazing food after that! The menu consisted of:

-smoked salmon/cream cheese/cucumber bites

-barbequed ribs

-roasted potatoes

-green beans

-salad with fruit and candied pecans

-a delightful fluffy, cake-y version of a fruit pizza

-sweet tea

-a cold brew coffee bar

My apologies if you end up reading about food a lot if you follow us through this tour. But then again I'm not TOO sorry, because seriously, the food around here is an experience! We are very spoiled singers. :) Anyway...back to the day. Another abrupt thunderstorm chased us all indoors, so we made the best of it with conversation and games. Definitely a good day and we are so thankful for health and safety for all so far!

~Dawn Hostetler

Quote of the day: Ken to one of the male members of the choir...”You should sing it like tamed altos.”

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