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A Rainy Day and God's Goodness

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

The second morning of tour dawned dreary and rainy. Shortly after boarding, Jordan inspired us with the dramatic reading of a very fitting story: Eeyore's birthday (a fascinating mix of depression and humor). While we were reading, it started to rain quite heavily as it often does in stories of Eeyore.

Story time

In the midst of all that, the windshield wipers decided to malfunction, leaving our driver with the task of navigating traffic with a rain-drenched windshield. Great job, Lavelle!

After story time, Jesse led us in our first of many warm-up sessions that left some of us a little dizzy. But we were thankful to have our voices ready to go at our next stop when we were called to sing a song of our selection by a voice over the intercom. The people seemed to really enjoy it.

Back on the bus, we found the windshield wipers fixed, but the temperature rising quickly. With the A.C. not working we had a fairly low-key ride the rest of the day.

Our program was hosted by the kind people of Hartville Conservative Mennonite Church. They welcomed us warmly and fed us a great supper of taco salad. We were all a little tired and sweaty when we walked on stage, but our God is able to do amazing things if we allow Him. He most definitely filled us with His Spirit and made His message of love and peace very clear to us. Thank you, God!

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