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Tour: Day 9

Call time began at 9:30 on this beautiful Thursday morning. After a meaningful, worship-filled program the night before in Hartville, OH, I felt joyful to continue on with our tour, and for that I was grateful.

We were given a lighter travel day and enjoyed a longer lunch stop at a favorite restaurant of the locals of Meadville called the Riverside Brewing Co.

The food was quite a tasty experience of Buffalo Blue chips, pulled pork, shaved steak, shrimp & grits, or wood fired pizza...and so much more! The fellowship and community aspect of a shared experience of one restaurant for the day was a highlight for me. I would give it a 5 star rating! A comment that may explain our sentiments comes from none other than our tour director (and Meadville local), Jordan, "That may have been the happiest I've been on tour!" It was apparent that the shrimp & grits were Ah-mazing.😋

After lunch we stopped at a park nearby and spent about an hour there. Some folks played disc golf and got their feet nice and wet, a few snoozed peacefully on the bus, and others took a walk and enjoyed the moment in creation.

We then drove to our venue, Emmanuel United Church of Christ, and prepared hearts and voices for another concert. Well, we also had to prepare ourselves mentally for the current situation of the day. Y'all. It was a VERY warm day and for 6 hours we had no air-conditioning. So, we girded ourselves mentally to do our best in spite of the trying circumstances.

Shout out to Laura and Lisa for boosting us with Iced Coffee/Tea/Lemonade just before the concert! And, praise God, we were all able to sing and no one had to sit out this time. That has been an almost daily concern for this trip and we have been blessed many times with just enough strength to get through the concert.

I appreciated some feedback from a lady who told me that she enjoyed the restful worship time.

We all were grateful to be able to step outside after the concert to cool off and to mingle with friends, family, and acquaintances. Reports were also given of having fantastic hosts and I can say amen to that!

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