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Recording: Day 11

8:30 Saturday morning found the ensemble members at Millersville University for recording day. The majority of our time was spent addressing any problem spots, singing through a song 1, 2, or 3 times, and working with Benjamin, our trusty recording engineer.

Recording is hard work. It requires much concentration and focus to sing through a composition as perfectly as possible. Some of us found comfort in Lyle’s reassurance that “People are humans too!” in reference to mistakes made.

By 12:15 PM, we had successfully recorded seven songs and were grateful for the change of pace that lunch time provided. Thanks to Trina for providing a delicious meal (the pesto was fantastic), and to Sharon for delivering it to the University.

The guys kicked off the afternoon by recording “There Is a Meeting” while the ladies enjoyed an extended rest period. All were grateful when the final take of the last song was completed at 5:15 pm. We look forward to sharing this album with everyone in the coming months.

With weary joy, we made our way back to Cliff and Trina’s for supper. The evening was generally relaxed although excitement levels mounted when Cliff pulled out his sword. The result? The tenor section has gained a knight!

-Valonna Eby

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