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Tour: Day 8

We started our Wednesday with an easy call time of 9:30 a.m. As we drove from Goshen, Indiana, we relaxed as the corn fields glided by.

Some members of the group began a fascinating discussion on musical competence and worship (including what goes through Lyle's mind while he is listening/conducting). (Some were surprised to learn that he’s not listening for our mistakes, but rather enjoying the overall beauty and worship experience.)

Some built things with Legos whilst we traveled…

After Lavelle competently delivered us to Hartville Conservative Mennonite Church, we began our preparations with some needed sectional practice that you can hear in the accompanying video taken by our bus driver. :)

After a lovely meal drizzled in a mysteriously delicious sauce (sources have confirmed that it comes from “Hope's Table"); we prayed for a good evening of worshipful music-making.

On this tour, we’ve talked about the four elements of a great concert (in no particular order:

1. An acoustically-friendly space

2. An engaged audience

3. Great people to sing with

4. Excellent repertoire

We know this list is aspirational, but we felt that these elements were present during the concert. The acoustics at HCMC are quite nice—the audience even finer. We think it was our best concert yet and we are so grateful!

It is also worth mentioning that Karl and Jordan keep getting the “Are y’all brothers?” question so we are including a photo,.. you decided. Disclaimer, this photo was not taken with the comparison intent.

The fine folks of Hartville hosted us grandly.

A summer thunderstorm refreshed the land; our sleep refreshed us.

- Karl Zimmerman & Cliff Stoltzfoos

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