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Tour: Day 7

Tuesday, July 25 dawned bright and... actually, I wouldn't know. The author was unavailable at that time, as it was not a travel day and she was intently studying the inside of her eyelids. Having arrived in the area of our next concert already, the day included plenty of free time to relax, explore Goshen, and of course, rehearse.

Most of the group took the bus to Shanklin Park in Goshen and from there, dispersed to do whatever people do when they have free time and don't sleep in (which the author finds difficult to understand). My sources give reports of a group of guys playing disc golf (a tournament - I won't tell you who lost because it might make Jordan feel even worse).

The women weren't so competitively inclined and spent time at coffee shops, thrift stores, a book store, and there were rumors of some fabulous Indian food. The rest of us spent time with family and friends in the area.

At two thirty in the afternoon, we all met back at Woodlawn Mennonite Church to do sectional rehearsal, followed by an early supper. From there, we headed to Sauder Hall for our evening concert.

Sauder Hall has been described as "one of the most impressive acoustic venues in the country" and that is not an overstatement. Not all of us were new to the space, but I think it's safe to say that all of us felt like it was an incredible privilege to give a concert there. Some of the words that I heard from my fellow singers were "surreal", "glorious", "exciting", and "ethereal". We were also treated so well by the stage crew; even though we definitely were not at the same level that they're used to their performers being at.

The video below is a clip from rehearsal prior to the concert.

The nine hundred seats were for sure not all filled, but it was a good audience to sing for and we were asked to sing "Is He Worthy" again as an encore. I heard from several audience members how moving the song was for them.

Overall, the relaxing day and a concert at this amazing venue was definitely a highlight of tour for me.

- JoAna Miller

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