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Tour: Day 4

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The moment has arrived!

The choir members and supporting cast gathered at 9:30 AM and the process of loading of the bus began. Where’s the tape? I need a marker? Do I need to mark my suitcase?

The little ones were excited! We’re going on a bus! The drive to Bridgewater, VA was smooth and uneventful, with several stops for bio breaks and lunch. Choir members used the time on the bus to work on music and memorization, in sleeping, and in general visiting.

We arrived at the church and after unloading the bus, the choir rehearsed for an hour. A light supper was served and indeed it was delectable! The fine folks of VA treated us like royalty.

Lyle encouraged us to sing with confidence and to lead in worship. My personal impression was that the audience greatly enjoyed the concert. The comments I heard were positive.

Jordan was suffering from a stomach ailment and was unable to help, but we adapted to his absence and certain members stepped up and covered for him. This is what we do!

Thank you to the people of Bridgewater, VA for hosting us! We are better people because of knowing you.

-Willard Mast

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