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Tour: Day 10

Welcome back for another update from Laudate 2023!

Today we will be featuring the BTS people (aka behind the scenes people). These people

play a huge role in making tour a success!!

First off we will highlight spouses/fans. Jordan's wife Laura does an amazing job of heading up the CD table organization along with many other details. Willard's wife Sharon is Laura's right hand helper with the CD table and all around an encouraging person. Lisa, Jordan and Laura's foreign exchange student also helped immensely with CD table organization. It was great to have Lisa along and I think we have a Laudate fan from Germany now!

Kristen, Jesse's wife, has been a positive and upbeat person to converse with and she brings a fun dynamic to tour, along with sweet little Charlotte.

Valonna's husband, Myron, very faithfully cared for the children while Valonna was needed elsewhere.

We appreciate your service and support!! Featured next are our amazing nannies (what would we do without them!!) Vaschel (Myron and Valonna's nanny), and Dawn and Beth (Ben and Janette's nannies) you hung in there even with fussing, teething children, diaper changing and other rigors

of child care. We deeply appreciate how you pitched in and gave that gift to us! Thank you!

To our sweet little ones Grant and Olivia (Myron's), Serena and Ana (Ben's), and Charlotte (Jesse's). You entertained us with your giggles, singing, snooty faces etc. Also to Scott (Lyle's son) and Tyrell (Cliff's). You guys were two peas in a pod:)We're glad you all got to come along!

Our bus driver, Lavelle, faithfully drove us safely to each destination and not only that, he helped with luggage, CD table transport to and from the bus, and he just brought a great addition to tour.

And last but not least our conductor Lyle! Your humor and good spirits has helped immensely in helping us to relax and be ourselves. Thanks for your leadership!

And in other news we have finished tour with a concert at Beimesderfer Hall in Millersville

PA. The audience, known to the choir as our other half, was very receptive. We could tell they were worshipping with us.

Worship with you as our audience is our goal, and when that is accomplished the purpose of Laudate is fulfilled.

- Ben & Janette Weaver

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