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On the road- Day 5

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Saturday morning found the choir gathering early at Pequea Church for the drive to Guys Mills, PA.

This being the first tour postpandemic, members boarded the bus with eager anticipation, ignoring the fact that they would feel quite differently about bus travel by the end of tour. For lunch, the choir made a quick stop, and some members braved a sushi bar.

Plainview Gospel Church gave the choir a warm welcome and a delicious supper, while the choir tried to calm preconcert jitters.

Friends and family filled the house, and the choir sang to a very attentive audience for their first concert. After some fellowship, members drove off with their respective hosts for some much needed rest.

There may be some disagreement about how to rate the Guys Mills area, but the people sure make first rate hosts! Phoebe Beiler

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