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The Weekend- Day 11

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

After a long week of tour everyone was ready for a day to take a break and relax.

Some people caught up on sleep, others met for coffee and went thrifting among other various activities.

One energetic group enjoyed a round of disc golf. There were some great shots, but also times of fishing discs out of creeks and searching for them in the bushes.

For supper most of the group met at Longhorn Steakhouse and enjoyed a tasty meal before the evening concert.

Then we made our way through the traffic into Lancaster City for the evening concert.

Singing at The Trust Performing Art Center was a wonderful experience. The building was gorgeous and the sounds were lovely.

There were multiple comments and sighs of delight from the ensemble members about the experience of singing in that space. It was fun to sing to an attentive and responsive audience.

After the event the audience and ensemble members enjoyed refreshments and good conversations.

And so ends a wonderful day.


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