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The end is not the end

Laudate 2018 Tour is history, and we're honestly not sure how to feel about that! Music, fellowship, and wonderful times of worship have been our experience in the past 2 weeks, and when a rich time like this ends, there's a feeling of loss that comes with it.

God is so faithful in meeting us right where we're at, and we're thankful the gift of music and worship doesn't end at the close of a 2 week experience.

Many thanks to each one of you; old and new friends, who came to the concerts, worshipped with us, and supported us with words of encouragement and gifts of money. It's humbling to be a part of this powerful ministry of song, and our prayer is that each of you were blessed and encouraged in your personal journey. This ministry is only possible because of you; so thank you for your support!

The beautiful thing about recording music is that the end of our time together as a group isn't the end of the ministry of song. It's really only the beginning, and that's exciting!

October is the current release date for the new CD. Obviously, we'd all like to have it sooner than that, but the process of releasing a CD is one with many details and steps, so thanks for your patience. Preorder of the new CD is available on the website if you want to be among the first orders to get shipped out.


Laudate Mennonite Ensemble

How we feel about returning to 'normal' life this week.

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Oct 03, 2018

We do not have one for taking orders unfortunately. You are able to order our music and pay by credit card on our website by clicking on the “Music” Tab in the header of the website. Thanks!


Do you have a telephone number? And could I pay via credit card?

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