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Rehearsal, Rehearsal, and More Rehearsal

We have made the best of the last two days. Each minute has been packed full. This entailed rehearsing for many hours a day, giving the water fountain a full-time job, discussing conspiracy theories, delicious suppers by Trina, and much more. God has been so good and gracious to us!

Ken has been teaching us a lot about cultures and community. Singing as a “community” makes us work together, while developing a sense of trust. We are learning to breathe together and feel the pulse. By the end of tour, we shall be excellent body language readers. :) As for the cultures- Ken has been teaching us about the African-American culture in particular. Learning to clap on the off- beat, while singing simultaneously, has been one of the many challenges that have come along with this. This culture has also helped us break out of our shells and even brought some improvisation along with it.

Laudate Rehearsal 2018

Today was no exception to the above. We rehearsed for the majority of the day, were fed a filling lunch, and headed to Bethel for dress rehearsal. Afterwards, we headed to Cliff and Trina’s for food and fellowship. As usual, the food did not disappoint, and we came away happy, full, and ready for a good night of sleep. Tomorrow we start tour!


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