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Rehearsal- Day 4

It is interesting to note how music draws people together into one group, and the goal is to make beautiful music… together. This is our fourth day of working together to perfect the music we’ve spent hours and days alone to prepare for this tour. Making beautiful music requires time, effort, and leadership.

Today our conductor, Ken, told us that the human voice can create much more variation in sound and texture than a musical instrument. Ken shares his knowledge and expertise in his usual kind manner and we all benefit so much. Today we focused on tuning, on dynamics, and on singing together. It normally doesn’t happen overnight and we are no exception. We are tired, but we are inspired.

Tomorrow tour begins and the last 4 days of hard work that has been hammered into our brains and voices will result in glorious music that we trust will inspire us and our listeners to praise our Father God who is all-worthy!

As usual, we were served with amazing food for our physical sustenance, both lunch and the evening meal. Sharon, the wife of one the singers brought lunch to the church, and then chocolate covered strawberries later in the afternoon for a break. Trina, our hostess in the evenings, prepared her usual spread of delicious food, and it is always attractively arrayed.

Thank you for your interest in Laudate Mennonite Ensemble. Your prayer support is needed and appreciated. Some of us aren’t as young as we once were and run out of energy much quicker than the younger ones. God be praised!

- Willard Mast

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