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Rehearsal: Day 3

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Thanks to an overnight thunderstorm, day 3 of rehearsal turned out to be beautiful and cool.

Our memories were tested first thing as we worked our way through singing certain songs off-book before lunch. After a fresh and delicious lunch served by Jesse’s wife, and a conversation about toxic positivity, the men kicked off the afternoon rehearsal. We reassembled to continue working through the memorized repertoire and promptly got hung up on Instruments of Peace when Karl, upon singing his solo, happened to sing “where there is injury, we will never die” instead of “where there is injury, we will never judge”.

The last half of the afternoon was spent in dress rehearsal. We ran through each song and standing arrangement all while missing notes, singing wrong words and sharping badly.

The evening once again found us in Cliff & Trina’s backyard enjoying food, conversation and games.

- Isaiah & Sierra Kauffman

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