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Rehearsal: Day 2

The theme for Laudate 2023, Kingdom Come, reminded me that this begins as a personal experience. What does it look like for Christ’s kingdom to come in my own life? Does it come when true surrender takes place? When I am serving others, trusting God, or repenting from sin? All of the above? In one of our songs, we repeat the longing: kingdom come! May it be…in my life and in the world.

During our second full day of rehearsal, upon closer inspection, we discovered more great chords! Does this one sound like a train thundering upon us? How do we best express the music and lyrics of a piece? Directions: “Sing in the center of the pitch and then shake.” We laugh, sing, raise our hands in despair…excuse me, raise them to notify the general company of mistakes…stop to make corrections, and then keep singing.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we are weary and worn, but when the men start singing "There is a Meeting", it is hard to keep the head bobbin’ and toe tappin’ in check. :)

Tonight we are headed to Cliff and Trina’s house for a relaxing evening to de-stress and determine if these people are nice enough to go on tour with (for us new ones, the jury is still out). Just kidding. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself so far!

Until tomorrow…

- Maria Byler

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