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On the road- Day 9

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

We began our longest travel day at the early hour of 6:30 a.m. bound for Holmes County, Ohio.

Breakfast to-go from our wonderful hosts

After several days on the road, many of the members were feeling slightly exhausted, and the expectations of a long day on a bus involved some levels of trepidation.

However, I know a few of us were pleasantly surprised to find the travel time to go by relatively smoothly.

As is a normal on tour, we made quite a few quick stops and after one these stops, one of our members found themselves a surprised recipient of an unusual requirement because they happened to be the last one back on the bus.

Phoebe was supposed to wear the minion glasses for a minimum of five minutes, however, I think Donavan enjoyed them more.

We also discovered that Donavan and Phoebe make an impressive art team!

We are so grateful that the children did so well on this particular day. It was most definitely an answer to prayer.

During the afternoon stretch of our travels, Preston challenged our minds to some more trivia questions, and chocolates from Isaiah were given as prizes.

We a

Arrived at the church in very good time, thanks to the group effort of being prompt and God's provision of safety and good traffic.

After warm-ups with Preston and a very quick line up practice, we enjoyed a delicious Mexican meal topped off with brownies, ice cream and fresh peaches!

We spent some time in prayer, before our program together as a group, and it filled our hearts with gratitude and joy to know that God answered our prayers through the worship service.

It was a beautiful time of joining in worship with fellow believers. To God be the glory!

Rachel Weaver

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