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On the road- Day 6

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

And so it begins! The reality of tour set in today with two programs in two different states.

It all started with an early 6:45 call-time back at Plainview. We left at 7, and tried to catch a few winks of sleep before we arrived at Zion Christian Fellowship in Middlefield, Ohio, to take part in their morning service.

Jesse leading us in a vocal warm-up on the bus

Finding focus time before the morning concert

Tyrell & Donovan made a new friend!

Zion graciously supplied us with a packed lunch of subs, fruit and cookies as we had to make a quick getaway to move on to Nappanee, Indiana.

God provided us with beautiful traveling weather. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds accompanied us the entire way.

We arrived at Sandy Ridge a little before 5:00.

Preparing for the evening concert

Thank you, hosts, for an amazing supper!

Sandy Ridge livestreamed the evening program and the archived video is still available at this link:

- Preston Yoder

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