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Of Warmth and Blessing

Waking up at 3 AM gave me time for reflection and processing what this tour has been doing for me. My soul has been ministered to, giving me the ability to minister in song as never before.

Jordan entertained us with jokes about singers and their different parts. "How many bass singers does it take to change a lightbulb?" The answer? "None. They can't get up that high."

Jesse has been leading the singers in morning warm-ups, which has been good for our voices. One little song about Alfred the alligator, has become an ear-worm for some of us.

Our lunch stop was at a travel plaza which had a cool dome, which we needed to take advantage of. "Oh Let Me Fly" sounded amazing there, and other travelers loved it too!

Traveling went well until the A/C went out after the noon stop, requiring our resident mechanic to bypass another sensor. Thank you, Cliff!

Sierra's mother fixed us a delicious evening meal. We enjoyed their gracious hospitality. Sierra's young sister entertained us at our table for a while!

The concert was given at Ford Chapel at Allegany College, an old beautiful building in Meadville. We were warmly received (pun intended...there was no A/C) and many expressed being blessed. Several told us of being in tears during much of the concert.

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