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Laudate 2021- day 1

After last year's unique approach to our normal rehearsal and tour routine, the members of Laudate Mennonite Ensemble were thrilled to start rehearsing Tuesday July 21st for our 2021 season!

With few introductions needed, we got down to business working through the pieces. In the words of our director, Ken Nafziger, "It feels like we never stopped from last year." A back to back season is atypical for Laudate, but given the circumstances of last year, we are excited to bring our audiences the full program we began preparing last year.

Our repertoire explores the themes of Hope and Healing and includes the pieces we recorded and videoed last year and many more!

Something the members of Laudate look forward to in the course of rehearsal is experiencing a wide variety of choral music styles. Ken brings a deep sense of understanding and care for the stylistic differences, helping the ensemble to make two songs of completely different styles blend together into one cohesive message. We experience this in our two settings of Psalm 42 "As the deer pants for the water...". One is the Latin text set by Palestrina circa 1608, and the other is the familiar contemporary tune by Martin Nystrom, written in 1984. It's exciting to sing two pieces from such different eras and styles that still communicate the same desire for God's presence or work in our lives.

As we look ahead, we expect a few relatively relaxed rehearsal days before starting a much more strenuous tour schedule on Saturday.

At the risk of taking any material from future contributors to this blog, I'll not give away any more of our upcoming day's plans!

If you happen to think about Laudate as the week progresses, pray for health and stamina as well as a deep connection to the message of the pieces we are singing.

We hope to bring a much needed message to many of the Healing that is offered by the hand of our Father and Great Physician, Jesus. -- JESSE

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