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In the course of a Sunday

Sunday morning found the ensemble gathered at Cliff and Trina's for a private church service. Jordan moderated, Jesse led us in a few hymns, and "pastor" Kenny preached a sermon on the Father heart of God, inspired by his own experience as a new father. Cliff shared his vision for Laudate as well as the inspiration for this year's theme. A number of members shared their own personal connection to the theme of healing.

After another wonderful meal, some members disappeared for nap time and some played a rousing game of Black Seven, in which Ken proceeded to hoard all the important cards and win!  Later in the afternoon, the ensemble met at Bethel church to prepare for the live stream concert.  We discovered that it takes a lot of work to coordinate an event like this. We also discovered how many tenors it takes to move a fake tree.

The strangest part of the day was giving a concert without a live audience. As a singer, I missed the connection and immediate feedback, but I am grateful for the opportunity we had to still present something. Something we worked hard to prepare and something that could still bless people in the middle of a pandemic.

Thanks to each of you who joined the live-stream; we were blessed by the 'audience' and feedback from around the world.

- Phoebe Beiler

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