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A Beach Day on Laudate

Thursday morning found us meeting in the Faith Builders parking lot to say our goodbyes to friends and family. During our morning drive we enjoyed a rousing game of darts with Jesse Weaver as our fearless dart board holder (no worries, they were Anabaptist approved).

Lake Erie beach was a refreshing sight for our travel weary bodies. We spent our time wading in the water, playing spikeball, flying a drone and taking walks. We then dined on scrumptious morsels of food at Cheddars Scratch Kitchen.

Warsaw, NY was the final destination and the 2 hour trip proved to be uneventful with one game of rook and many naps taking place.

We were warmly welcomed to our evening venue by the very energetic Reverend Teresa. The United Church of Warsaw has a unique history. As the story goes, two warring congregations built their churches side by side. In the 1940s they finally reconciled and united. In the 1990s they built a sidewalk connecting the two churches and became one congregation.

After another very warm program, our evening concluded with a refreshing thunderstorm. The rain just so happened to start during the song “I Believe”, adding appropriate sound effects to emphasize the meaning of the song.

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