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Released in December 2016.

When our spirit sings, we are drawn into a place where heaven and earth seem to meet, a place of safety and confidence and peace.  When our spirit sings, we remember and give thanks for the One of whom we sing, the One who gives us breath to sing.  When our spirit sings, it does so for many reasons or none at all; the song is truly a gift.  And when at times that it feels like our spirit doesn't want to sing or can't sing, song stops by to refresh and reinvigorate the spirit, and once more it sings.  

Thanks be to God for this unspeakable gift!


My Spirit Sings

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  • 1. Come away to the skies
    2. Cantate Domino
    3. Locus Iste
    4. Miserere Mei, Deus
    5. Light of a clear blue morning
    6. Precious Lord, take my hand
    7. Keep your hand on the plow
    8. For me to live is Christ
    9. Indodana
    10. Hosanna
    11. The Lord's Prayer
    12. Nearer, My God to thee
    13. Saints Bound for heaven
    14. Steal away
    15. Angel Band
    16. Unclouded Day


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